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The Neuropsychology Team at WKNI is proud to offer pediatric services that assess a child's cognitive skills including intellectual functioning, learning and memory, attention, and behavioral, social, and emotional functioning based on age and comparative data. Ultimately, the goal of this evaluation is to better understand your child's unique neurocognitive strengths and challenges, learning style and behavior in order to develop an individualized intervention and/or education plan to help your child reach his or her full potential.

What Is Assessed?

A typical neuropsychological evaluation of a school-age child may assess these areas:

  • Intellectual functioning
  • Achievement skills, such as reading and math
  • Executive skills, such as organization, planning, problem solving, inhibition, and flexibility
  • Attention
  • Learning and memory
  • Language
  • Visual spatial skills
  • Motor speed and coordination
  • Behavioral and emotional functioning
  • Social skills